Nicola Rae with the Digital Maker Collective
at Digital Making Art School, Tate Exchange.
Electr'O'active Grid workshop: a collaboration between CYLAND Media Art Laboratory
(St Petersburg), Hill Mead Primary School (Brixton), London Connected Learning Centre
with members of the Digital Maker Collective, University of the Arts London.

TATE EXCHANGE: Tate Modern, 5th floor, Switch House, Bankside, London, SE1. 22nd February 2017.

Devised and co-led by Anna Frants (CYLAND Media Art Laboratory) and Nicola Rae (Digital Maker Collective). This workeshop was collaboratively engaged with by DMC members India Gabb, Ibrahim Romman, Joshua Simpson, Lucy and Zoe Wheeler, Harry Wills and Demelza Woodbridge; alongside CYLAND Media Lab members Alexei Grachev, Sergei Komarov and Alexandra Dementieva; and with children from Hill Mead Primary School, Brixton, London. Mediated by Kim Morrison from London Connected Learning Centre and supported by staff from Hill Mead School.



CYLAND members initially explored technological solutions for the interactive Electr'O'active Grid with Digital Maker Collective (DCM) members through SKYPE. A prior workshop for Hill Mead Primary School children was engaged with at Chelsea College of Art to develop their ideas alongside DCM members. The Electr'O'active Grid was then populated by Arduinos programmed by the children with help from CYLAND's Arduino expert Alexei Grachev and DMC members. Found objects and toys were subverted and screens were also added that showed in process films. The Electr'O'active Grid had been previously developed by Anna Frants with CYLAND as "O".











The prior workshop for Hill Mead Primary School children at Chelsea College of Art to develop their ideas was led by DCM members Nicola Rae, Demelza Woodbridge, Ibrahim Romman and Harry Wills with support from Kim Morrison from the London Connected Learning Centre (photos taken by Chris Follows, Emerging Technologies Manager at CCW, UAL.



Initial technological ideas by Hill Mead Primary School children (including Jordan Baiye and Joel Acosta) through drawings developed alongside Nicola, Demelza, Harry and Ibrahim (below).