Nicola Rae with the Digital Maker Collective : Sonic Sensing
Sonic Sensing: with surface speakers, contact microphones and sound visualisations

TATE EXCHANGE, 5th floor, Switch House, Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1.

Durational participative experiment with the Digital Maker Collective, University of the Arts London: 8th Feb - 22nd March 2017.
Presented at Re-Animating Materiality through Sound, an event curated by Sadhna Jain at TATE EXCHANGE Projects Space on 22nd March, 2017.

8th March, 2017: second day of experiments with surface speakers placed on the windows of Tate Exchange overlooking the Thames.

Participants activated the windows of Tate Exchange to become sonically interactive through placing surface speakers against them. A sonic environment of recordings of foghorns and bell buoys from America could be heard, as well as radio waves received from Outer Space and a dripping tap tap from a studio sink in Deptford.


22nd March, 2017: third day of experiments with surface speakers and contact microphones placed on the windows of Tate Exchange connected to live sound visualizations.

Contact microphones were attached to the windows picking up the sonic vibrations of the surface speakers that then activated sound visualizations projected onto the architectural structures inside Tate Exchange.



This SONIC SENSING project was presented at Re-Animating Materiality through Sound curated by Sadhna Jain in the Project Space of TEX on 22nd March. This was a special session devoted to looking at creative combinations of sound, material, digital and the analogue. Sadhna is holding the microphone while I activate the surface speakers (below).





Sadhna writes about Re-Animating Materiality through Sound:

The interplay of materiality and sound offers an opportunity to re-think how the creation and meaning of sound can be produced and experienced – through space, bodies, material forms and technology. We invite visitors of all ages and levels of experience to this session to see and hear the techniques used by a group of artist and designers. There will also be an opportunity to try your hand at becoming a Foley artist under the guidance of Louise Brown, as well as enjoying an interactive experience of the Sound Arts from Nicola Rae. This panel session will enliven the topic of Re-animating Materiality Through Sound with a series of lightning talks, presentations, and table top demonstrations. After this session visitors are encouraged to visit all the other interactive events in the same space.  


8th Feb, 2017: first day of experiments with Arduinos + OLED screens coded with open source oscilloscopes and glitched texts.