Nicola Rae : installations
Since 2010 my art practice has engaged with projections of visualized sound frequencies in response to either live participative co-production of sonic experimentation, or historic recordings of electro-acoustic phenomena. The live installations include a mixture of analogue and digital equipment that relate to site-aware sound sources and previous use of spaces. The resulting visualized sonic frequencies become a live score that participants openly experiment with interactively. The installations that respond to pre-recorded electro-acoustic phenomena often explore amplified sounds not easily located within the range of human hearing. Increasingly other interests have become part of my practice including the use of lenses, mirrors, historical analogue equipment and experimenting with scientific processes.

Most of these projects involve collaboration in various ways. The installations that result from discussions when working alongside someone that has different skills and knowledge extend the technical possibilities in unexpected ways. Visitors that participate in these live installations also become collaborators through their open experimentation with the acoustic possibilities of these sonic frequency visualizations.

Chlorophilia Frequencies, 2020, CHLOROPHILIA, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.


Buoyed Up Variables, 2020, 25, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.

Interplanetary Radio Frequencies, 2020, On Ancient Earth, The Earth Sanctuary for Desert Festival, Arrernte Country, Australia.

Sounding the Ships Horns for NHS Workers (versions 1 & 2), 2020, Hearten, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust + APT online show.  

Coronavirus Mediatization Frequencies, 2020, Transmission: International Sound Window, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.

Partial Lunar View: Vostok-VI, 2020, New Moon, Lumen Crypt Gallery, St John on Bethnal Green, London.  

Remote Sensing Sonification: Jupiter Aurorae, 2019, Through the Looking Glass, Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London.

Meteor Radio Echoes: Southern Taurids, 2019, Immiscibilti, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.

Remote Sensing Sonification: Jupiter Aurorae, 2019, SPINE, Bailrigg, Lancaster University, Lancs.

Concrete Poetry Frequencies, 2019, Digital Maker Collective at BETA Society, Tate Exchange-Tate Modern, London.

Meteor Radio Echoes, 2018. APT+ONE, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.

Lunar Regolith: International Commons, 2018. Permittivity of Free Space, APT Gallery, London.

Lunar Rotations: Fresnel Observations, 2018. Résumé, März Galerie, Mannheim, Germany.

Lagrange Point 1, 2018. Telluric Currents: NOF, Provender Building, Camden, London.

Solar Magnetica, 2018. Drawn Beyond,
Wimbledon Space, University of the Arts London.

The Sound of Plastic should be Louder, 2018. Digital Maker Collective collaboration, Tate Exchange - Tate Modern, London.

Reverberating Resonances, 2017. Touchstone, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.

Doppelstern Soundings, 2017.
CUBE4x4x4, Mannheim, Germany.


Interplanetary Radio Frequencies (Venice Version) 2017. Personal Structures - Open Borders, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy.

Sonic Sensing, 2017. Digital Maker Collective experiment, TATE EXCHANGE, Tate Modern, London.

Schlieren Waves Live, 2016. APT LIVE and Deptford X Fringe, APT Studio G9, Deptford, London.

ReFocus - with Douglas Rae, 2015. Perduto Padre, Museo d'Arte Moderna Ugo Cara, Muggia-Trieste, Italy.

Reciprocal Resonances Refracted, 2015. CYBERFEST 9, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.

Interplanetary Radio Frequencies, 2015.
Partial Presence, Zabludowicz Collection, London.

Arctic Glacier Sonic Frequencies over flood tides, 2015. FaB Ignites Research, 44AD Artspace, Bath.

Magnetospheric Frequencies, 2014.
AstroLAB, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.

Reciprocal Resonances Refracted, 2013.
Palazzo Bembo during 55th Venice Biennale.

CUBE4x4x4, Mannheim, Germany.

Ambika P3, London, NW1.

Tap Drip Frequencies, 2011.
CUBE4x4x4, Mannheim, Germany.

Hydrophonic-Sonic Frequencies, 2011.
LV21 Lightship, Gillingham Pier, Kent.

Night Frequencies 2, 2010
APT Yard, Harold Wharf, Deptford, London.

Night Frequencies 1, 2010
APT Yard, Harold Wharf, Deptford, London.

Kodra Frequencies Live, 2010
SOUNDCITY, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece.

LAB Frequencies Live, 2010
DERIVELAB 2, C4CC, Kings Cross, London.

Heterotopia Provocation, Gillett St, Dalston, London.

Sea Change, 2008
Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London.