Nicola Rae : objects + projects
My experimentation with sonic frequency visualizations began in 2005, through documenting the transitory, site-specific events of particular sound recordings, as sonic frequencies. The field recordings were played through the sound emission analyzer, SeaWave and still-frame images of the frequencies were placed in Perspex jars, which were then exhibited in rows on Perspex shelves. Each sound was described alongside the recording date printed in 'courier' text, referencing 1960s-70s conceptual-textual-event documentations. Made two days before the opening of one of our APT Studios Gallery shows, my first shelf piece included sonic frequency visualizations of the sounds of voices curating the show, an electric chop saw, the slamming of metal gates and a van driving off.

These sonic frequency objects have also developed in response to being asked to take part in various collective group exhibitions abroad, which meant that my contributions had to fit easily into suitcases, or be mailed. This process of working within parameters for international group exhibitions occurred with projects curated by Doron Polak. My contributions were mailed to two MARKERS projects during Venice Biennales 2009 and 2011: as well as contributing to Doron's archive of copybooks exhibited at TransMission during dOCUMENTA(13). Further nomadic projects were organised by A2Arts as exchange exhibitions with other artist groups in Europe, e.g. with Atelier WG in Amsterdam.


Rhinoceros Frequencies, 2014



Auld Lang Syne Frequencies 1, 2013



Delineation, London 2012



TransMission, Kassel, Germany 2012



Art Plates, London 2012



MAPPING, Venice 2011



Undercurrents, Hastings 2009



Culture Kiosk, Venice 2009



SALE, London 2009



Punt WG, Amsterdam 2008